One World Lantern Festival inspires the human spirit

What is the One World Lantern Festival?

One World Lantern Festival is an incredible experience where you, your friends, and your family will create a magical memory of life. It can be a very emotional experience, writing down some of your hope and dreams, or a letter to a loved one, and then sending it into the night sky. At One World Lantern Festival, we cherish these moments and will do our best to help you have a memorable experience that you'll never forget.

What is included with my ticket?

Each adult ticket includes one lantern, a lantern marker, mini flashlight, and a wristband. Each kid ticket, ages 4-12, includes a mini flashlight and a wristband.

What time do the lanterns launch?

Typically the lanterns launch about 30 minutes after sunset. We do not launch any lanterns until we have the approval from the fire marshal. Once we receive the go-ahead from the fire marshal, the magical light lanterns will float away!

What time do I need to arrive?

We encourage everyone to arrive between 4PM and 6PM, depending on location and the venue. Please check the official One World Lantern Festival that is emailed out before the event for arrival times.

Is there an age limit for the lantern festival?

Nope! All ages are welcome to the lantern festival, and we are a family friendly event! All participants must agree to the waiver, and do accept the terms of the waiver by participating and entering the festival grounds. Kids must be over the age of 13 in order to light a lantern, (with parental supervision).

Are the lanterns biodegradable?

Yes, the custom designed lanterns we launch are 100% biodegradable. They are made from rice paper and bamboo string.

Can I bring my own lantern?

We're sorry, we do not allow any outside lanterns due to fire safety concerns. We will have additional lanterns available for purchase. Please leave any outside lanterns at home, as we will have to confiscate them.

Can I bring my own food or snacks to the lantern festival?

Yes, feel free to bring your own food or snacks. We will have food trucks at the event.

Can I bring Alcohol?

Alcohol is not permitted at the event.

Can I bring my pet?

We love our pets! However they are not allowed at the lantern festival. Service dogs will be permitted with approval of paperwork at the entrance

What's the difference between Shine Fest, Lights Fest, Lantern Fest, and One World Lantern Festival?

One World Lantern Festival might be one of many lantern festivals, but our commitment to ensuring customer satisfaction by hosting the best lantern festival experience for our attendees is unmatched. One World Lantern Festival's team of event production experts has produced hundreds of events throughout the world with a combined total of over 1,000,000 attendees.

Can I get a refund?

Refunds are not available, unless you purchased the Ticket Insurance Protection which covers the price of the ticket and any additional items, minus the processing and refund protection.

In the case of a weather postponement, or cancellation for any other reason, we will work to secure a new venue/date within 120 days of the original date for a new event.

What if there is bad weather?

We'll do our best to proceed with the event as scheduled, unless we determine with the fire marshal to postpone the event due to high winds and/or dangerous weather.

Where is parking for the event?

We do our best to provide parking that is close to the festival area. Parking for each location varies, please see the event guide to find the parking areas.

I want to be a vendor, sponsor, or partner, how do I do that?

We would love to have you be a part of the event! Please check out our Sponsor page or send us an email with all of your details to support@oneworldlantern.com.

Who does it benefit?

One World Lantern Festival is a for-profit event. In each of the cities that we hold our events we partner with local charities and non-profit organizations which receive a portion of the proceeds from the event. The amount is based on the size of the event and the involvement of the charity.

You can visit each event location to learn more about the organization we are working with in your local area. Our goal is to provide donation opportunities, generate awareness of the charity in the community, and maintain strong relationships with our charity partners. Our charity partners are awesome to work with.

I want a One World Lantern Festival in my city, what can I do?

We would love to have your city experience this amazing Lantern event. Please send us an email at support@oneworldlantern.com and let us know where you are located.

Are the lanterns you use the same things as chinese floating lanterns?

The lanterns we use are custom designed for low level flight and are commonly known as Flying Paper Lanterns, Chinese Sky Lanterns, Wishing Sky Lanterns, Floating Lanterns, Sky Candles, and Fire Balloons.

Why is the event not located in the city that is listed?

Safety is our number one concern at One World Lantern Festival, so we make sure to find venues that are far enough away from homes, buildings, and other important places. We'll do our best to hold the events as close as possible, yet far enough away to ensure the safety of everyone.

Can I take pictures of the One World Lantern Festival?

Absolutely! We want you to have a night that you'll never forget!

Can I become a volunteer?

Definitely! Our Volunteer Team is amazing, and we couldn't create such an incredible experience without the help of our awesome volunteers. Each volunteer will receive a shirt, a lantern to launch at the event, marker, mini-flashlight, and wristband for helping us out! Please go to your cities' event page and sign up on the volunteer link. Once you're signed up, we'll look forward to your help and send you an email with more information.

I still have more questions?

Still more questions? Visit our contact page to shoot us an e-mail.

One World Lantern Festival