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One World Lantern Festival Testimonials

"This was my first lantern festival but it definitely won't be my last. What a great experience. I cannot wait to do it again!!!"

Cole T.

"A great experience, great course, so much fun! Will participate again and again."

Jessica R.

"What an inspiring moment when the lanterns lifed off. I was in awe of the beautiful moment."

Stacy N.

"I had amazing experience with the One World Lantern Festival. Our whole group had a great time and I know my children would love to do it again next year. Awesome Job! Can't wait to be part of it again."

Erica A.

"Loved it! Want to do it again next year!!"

Taylor P.

"We had an amazing time. Everything was perfect. Thanks One World for bringing this incredible event to our area. I'm so glad I was able to enjoy a lantern festival and see for myself what it was like. Truly a magical night. "

Kristen L.

One World

Lantern Festival